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Ex-Navy SEAL, and a decorated hero, Dan drifted through life until he found a anchor named Della. He loved her from the moment they met, but two things stood in the way of happily ever after - a dangerous bet and a drug lord willing to win at any cost. Would he lose the bet and everything he cared about... or could he pull off the crime of the century to guarantee his family's future and their ultimate safety?

Della was never prepared for the hand life dealt her. A young widow with a daughter to raise, her world spun completely out of control when Dan Cooper gambled his way into hert heart. All of a sudden, a hitman was babysitting and she was planning her wedding! However, the question remained, could she trust Dan and his secrets? She'd fallen for an officer and a gentleman but would she choose to live with a criminal?

Days before he became the infamous DB Cooper, Della became his wife. Would their love survive? Would they survive?

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It all ended on a hot July evening in 1944, but that was just the beginning for one sailor and the woman he loved...

Amee McGee's life was just beginning. The vivacious little blonde had her first job, a secret love and the world at her eighteen-year old fingertips. Now if those pesky Nazis would just quit causing trouble, her world would be perfect! She never dreamed it could all end so soon. But endings are often just new beginnings...

Seaman Grady O'Sullivan had eyes only for his Amee. So young and beautiful, she made his world spin and his heart dance. But she was a Captain's daughter and off-limits to an enlisted man. He never had a chance to tell her how much he loved her before the gigantic explosion at Port Chicago took her life. Now she haunts his shattered existance.. and the present day military base.

A man can't live forever and time is finally running out for Grady. Restricted to the base where she died, Amee has spent seven decades trying to find someone to help her reunite with Grady... to tell him how much she loved him.

Will the new Provost Marshal be the one to hear her pleas for help, or will she be doomed to spend eternity as the Ghost of Port Chicago?


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Vamp Squad Series: Book 1

Natalia protected the Russian royal family for nearly a century, even before she became a vampire. But the supernatural powers she's relied upon reach a stalemate when the last of the Romonov line is taken prisoner. Now he lies near death as a prisoner of the Taliban. She must join America's new top secret, anti-terrorist group, the Vamp Squad, in order to save him. As the Squad gets closer, Natalia battles strange new feelings that surface along with troubling new powers.

Yuri joined the Russian Federation Army to get away from Siberia and the family who hides their lineage from government officials, officials that would see the last of the Romonovs exterminated. Betrayed by his own countrymen, Captain Yuri Milassociech lays in a dark cave in General Albani's stronghold, awaiting certain death. Tortured and broken, he dreams of a beautiful Dark Angel who searches for him. Is she Life, or Death, or something worse?

Will Natalia be able to rescue Yuri? Will the Vamp Squad be able to complete their mission and a covert rescue attempt? Will Yuri survive long enough to be rescued?

Join Miriam Matthews in her world of amazing, sexy vampires as they take on the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIL in this first book of the Vamp Squad Series.




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Vamp Squad Series: Book 2

Disgusted with herself and her inability to keep from screwing up on a regular basis, Susannah, the youngest member of the Vamp Squad, is miserable.  The harder she tries, the worse her catastrophes seem to be.  Colonel Frank Maddox, Susannah’s father, conceived the idea of the Vamp Squad to “protect” his vampire daughter, and now the burden weighs heavily on the young woman’s shoulders. 

After a particularly disastrous mission, Susannah sneaks away from the safety of their quarters at Olney Farm. She's a young woman without a past and wants to find her vampiric roots. She hopes in doing so, she can straighten out her frustrating life!

Susannah puts the resources of the Vamp Squad and her own developing covert skills to work and, heads off to find herself. Unfortunately, finding herself is a little more difficult than she expects.

As Susannah negotiates the perils of Daytona Beach and an old and dangerous, naturist coven bent on world domination, she finds some of the answers she sought. She also finds Jordan, her sire's human and vampire son. He's trouble with a capital T!


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